The Frères des Hommes’ summer trip to Brittany

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Three Freres des Hommes activists, Manu Louail, Brenda Mager and Baptiste Simon, left on a trip to Brittany in July and August of 2008 to meet Britons and holidayers in Brittany to share their experiences from Janadesh and to forge an alliance between local and international solidarity organisations. Manu and Brenda had participated in the movement of landless peasants in India in the autumn of 2007. During their return trip, they met agricultural organisations from Asia and Europe.

This summer trip was part of this mission: they wished to share their experiences and open new horizons for exchange between local and international solidarity organisations. Baptiste, who has been closely involved in local solidarity organisations, joined them on this mission.

Popular exchanges to construct a more just world together

At holiday centres, markets, cultural festivals, festivals for activists, meetings for associations and in popular neighbourhoods in towns and villages — Brenda, Manu and Baptiste met with a very varied public on holiday, at work and at home. These meetings were organised in collaboration with local associations working with communes, locally elected authorities and small businessmen. Thanks to the words carrier, they were able to give back the right to free expression to people in the street by asking passersby: “What should be done about food riots?” People expressed themselves freely on issues such as social inequality, genetically modified organisms and agricultural production. The three young people were able to create a bridge between local and international organisations with the help of projections, debates, picnics and round table discussions on subjects such as peasant agriculture and land access. Their experience in India helped shed new light on North-South interdependence.

For an account of the various stages of their trip, visit their blog. Freres des Hommes encourages and supports the involvement of young persons all over the world and in France. Following the success of our 2008 Brittany summer trip, we hope to collaborate more often with young people wishing to participate in projects and to uphold the Freres des Hommes values in their region.

Update: Friday 24 April 2009