[In brief] Democratic Republic of the Congo - Cassava, not weapons!

“We, peasant men and women of the Congo, need cassava fields! Not minefields or wars!”

Violence has intensified in the northeast of the country: a lot of peasants no longer have access to their fields and have been deprived of their tools (hoes, machetes), considered weapons. As the world is battling the food crisis, the Peasant Confederation of the Congo [1] reaffirms that the country can feed itself on its own food. But this war plays a role in accelerating the disappearance of small farmers and infringes on the country’s food sovereignty.

Frères des Hommes, which is active in the international campaign [Disarmament to combat poverty] invites you to support the appeal for international solidarity from farmer men and women of the Peasant Confederation of the Congo: click here.

This article appeared in the February 2009 edition of Resonances, a monthly publication created by young activists that addresses civil issues.

[1] Member organization of the international struggle movement for peasant farming Via Campesina

Update: Wednesday 4 March 2009