Haiti - Can you plant cabbages like MPP does?

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What is the space required between two rows of cabbage? How do you make compost? What is a drip irrigation system? For one week, thirty peasants of Losapat and Marmont, on the Haitian High Central Plateau, were trained in the different planting, soil preparation and irrigation techniques by agronomists.

They were brought together for a training session set up by the Papaye Peasant Movement (MPP) and Frères des Hommes, to improve the fruit and market gardening production of poor families in this region. Résianie Jean, a farmer of 34, took part in the training scheme. She says: “Within a week I learnt how to prepare natural insecticide and compost, how to prepare gardens to plant vegetables, how long it takes to harvest vegetables, etc.”

Jérôme Delius, 31, also a farmer, adds: “The techniques presented on the training course were efficient. I was particularly interested in the drip irrigation system, as it enables an increase in profitability. It is also easy to prepare compost at home; it increases production hence sales.” The skills acquired on this course will help resourceless families to improve their food and increase their income.

Fritznel Demary.
Fritznel Demary.

The participants are committed to passing on these new skills to other families in their community, thus increasing the effect of the training course. It means that 480 families will benefit each time a training session is organised. Fritznel Demary is 30 years old. He took part in the course and reports: “When I go home, I will pass on what I’ve learnt to 16 people. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do it with the same goodwill as we have felt throughout this week!”.

This project is partly funded by the European Union.

Update: Tuesday 5 January 2010