Bolivia - CIOEC Chochabamba, Integration Committee of Peasant Economic Organisations of Cochabamba

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The Integration Committee of Peasant Economic Organisations of Cochabamba (CIOEC-CBBA) brings together Peasant Economic Organisations (EOCAs). Its strategic purposes are to federate, direct, and defend the EOCAs’ socio-economic interests, and to contribute to the institutional consolidation of these organisations, while backing up their production and the marketing of these products. With these objectives that are, at the same time economic, social and cultural, in order to reinforce the EOCAs, CIOEC offers the partners a range of services.

CIOEC proposes peasant self-management to its partners as a development model. It will help enhance the producers’ ability to plan and define their future as well as the actions that follow. This fits into a solidarity-based economy plan and a sustainable agriculture blueprint, which means socially fair, economically viable, environmentally sustainable, and culturally acceptable.

Another principle within CIOEC’s policies is food sovereignty. This means that every population should have the right to define its own policies and support strategies for the production, distribution, and consumption of food, in order to guarantee everyone’s right to food. CIOEC considers that food sovereignty can only be possible by supporting small and medium-scale farms who respect local cultures and resources, made possible by the diversity and adaptation of indigenous farming production techniques. In addition to this, CIOEC also intends to promote fair marketing methods for peasants in order to guarantee them an income and participative management methods of rural areas, in which women in particular are fully involved.

Frères des Hommes is more specifically in partnership with the CIOEC branch in the Cochabamba department (CIOEC-CBBA). This branch has a total of 14 economic organisations members, assembling 1628 families. Frères des Hommes has developped a support project for the marketing of products of peasant organisations with CIOEC-CBBA, thanks to the installation of a shop in town which develops peasants incomes and contributes by providing healthy and affordable foods to urban populations.

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Update: Wednesday 19 March 2008